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In Private Messages, Pelosi Spox Calls Impeachment ‘VERY Serious’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rankled some of her supporters when she said “I’m not for impeachment” last week. And apparently, she’s fine with that.

A Twitter group run by Pelosi’s political account on Twitter was told that group members who disagree with her position on impeachment should “feel free to exit.” Messages sent from Pelosi’s account and signed by her spokesperson, Jorge Aguilar, were provided to TYT by a member of the group.

“‘Impeachment’ is not something we will be entertaining or be throwing around freely or strategizing in public in or DM groups,” Aguilar wrote in the private group. “This is a VERY serious issue. We understand some may only be motivated by that issue, and if you find yourself in disagreement with us and do not wish to be a part of our DM group, we completely understand and are sad to see you go but feel free to exit.”

Screengrabs show a spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defending her decision not to permit impeachment proceedings against Pres. Trump.

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One group member expressed opposition in no unclear terms.

“I’m not a robot and this post from ‘Jorge & Team Pelosi’ seems almost hostile that we should be a conduit or exit,” one account with the username “jason #BoycottNRA” responded before leaving the group.

Another group member, Autarkh, took issue with Pelosi’s claim that her opposition to impeachment was nothing new.

“To be perfectly fair, she’s the one who said ‘This is news,’” Autarkh wrote, accurately quoting from Pelosi’s original statement.

“So that’s probably why the media reported it as a new story and why some people have reacted to it as such.”

The Twitter group, which Pelosi’s team uses to distribute talking points for members to promote on the social network, is composed of a number of Twitter accounts with large followings, a group member told TYT on condition of anonymity so that they could remain in the group.

As the group’s introductory message, provided to TYT, states, “We have created an active Twitter DM group of great social media influencers from across the country to amplify the great work of Nancy and House Democratic Members of Congress.”

“We send messaging and social media guidance, including memes, videos, coordinations for tweetstorms, hashtags, tweets to RT/share and the like,” the introduction continues.

On occasion, Pelosi herself sends messages to the group, signed “NP”.

Pelosi’s office did not respond to an email from TYT asking under what circumstances, if any, Pelosi would support impeachment hearings for President Trump, and how many similar Twitter groups her staff runs.

This is not the first time Pelosi has balked at impeachment proceedings. “Impeachment is off the table,” Pelosi announced in 2006, after Democrats won sufficient seats to take control of the House of Representatives.

Pelosi later admitted in 2014, “I do think people could have made a case about President Bush. But I did not want to go down that path because of what it would mean for the American people. We've just tried to impeach -- well, we did impeach but did not remove from office one president in a very irresponsible manner in my view on the part of the Republicans in the House at the time.”

“And I thought it was time for us to address -- try to end that war, which we voted to do, and the president vetoed our bill, but to deal with it in a policy way rather than take us down that path.”

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