By: Zachary Schucklin

Each week it seems politicians on the right and left pick a new target to single out, and this time it’s Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. From calls for resignation to Islamophobic harassment—as reported in Business Insider with mention of reporting by TYT’s very own Ken Klippenstein—Omar is being attacked over comments she made that most people should find…obvious.

While pointing out the influence of Israeli lobby groups in politics, Omar stated that she shouldn’t have to pledge support to a foreign country “in order to serve…in Congress or serve on a committee.” Which, at the very least, seems 100% patriotic. Not according to the mainstream media or establishment Dems, however. Sigh—what’s new.

During an appearance on Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, Rep Ted Deutch (D-FL) echoed Bartiromo's claims that Omar’s remarks could be grounds for removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee. And Cenk and Ana were not having it.

“You are asking for dual allegiance,” said Cenk, calling out Ted Deutch, a supposed Democrat. “You’re telling her she must have it, otherwise you’re gonna come after her career.”

“She’s being critical of something that’s been long-standing in the United States, and this pressure to be loyal to the government of Israel and how they act,” said Ana, explaining how Omar’s comments were directed at money-in-politics and not anti-Semitic.

Loyalty should not be forced. You can support a country while also criticizing its policies. That’s what a fair government should be doing, Ted. “You proved her right, and I think that makes you unfit to be on the Foreign Affairs Committee,” said Cenk. “I demand a resolution condemning Ted Deutch.” We won’t hold our breath, though.

Watch the video here: