Mitch McConnell, in all likelihood, will win his senate race in Kentucky and come back to Washington for another six-year term. But he can’t have done himself any favors in his recent debate with his opponent, Democrat Amy McGrath, in particular during the part of the debate when McGrath was discussing Republicans’ mishandling of the pandemic and McConnell started… laughing?

As John and Jayar discuss in this clip from The Damage Report, in a fair world McConnell would pay a political price for cackling at the widespread suffering of his constituents and their fellow Americans, but that’s not the world we live in. Jayar notes that a Democrat exhibiting this sort of cavalier attitude toward Americans’ lives would be endlessly replayed on Fox and every elected Democrat from Senator down to dogcatcher would have to answer for it. John suggests that it might be effective for McGrath to air commercials depicting McConnell laughing at the plight of the American people, but unfortunately her ads have focused - inexplicably enough - on how much more she’ll help Trump pass his agenda than McConnell has. Ugh, Democrats.