The New York Times recently described The View as “the most important political show in the country” and, surprisingly, that wasn’t supposed to be an indictment of the nation’s political culture and the base level of politically-themed commentary on television today. On Monday Meghan McCain, who’s always eager to do her part to dumb down The View’s offerings, spent a segment devoted to the recent Georgia anti-voting law reading from her notes as she criticized the “divisive” Joe Biden for supporting boycotts and insisted that the Uighur genocide in China is a more appropriate target for outrage than the Georgia voting law, an issue she described as “culture war stuff” and “virtue signaling across the board.”

In this clip Ana and Francesca eviscerate McCain, with Francesca describing McCain’s clearly phony concern for the Uighurs as just about the purest case of whataboutism in history.

Ana, meanwhile, points out that the only actual action taken by any corporation in response to Georgia is Major League Baseball moving the All-Star game — otherwise companies like Coca-Cola and Delta have merely written disapproving letters. Yet McCain has, as Ana puts it, “lost her mind” over this situation. Ana also notes that Meghan McCain loves to invoke The Troops® whenever she wants to criticize an activist like Colin Kaepernick, but when the rights of voters are threatened — a core underpinning of democracy itself that The Troops® are ostensibly fighting for — suddenly McCain doesn’t care nearly as much, and in fact is on the side of those seeking to undermine democracy.

The segment ends with Francesca calling for a debate between Ana and McCain, to which Ana responds, “Oh, I would love it.”