Ever since the January 6 Capitol assault by Trumpists, weapons enthusiasts and other anti-government types, there has been widespread debate over precisely who is to blame. Donald Trump and his administration? Right-wing media that fanned the “Stop the Steal” flames? QAnon for brainwashing people with propaganda and outlandish conspiracy theories? Or just the rioters themselves, who are the ones who carried out the illegal acts and should therefore be held responsible?

In this clip from The Damage Report, Aida tells John that she actually has some sympathy for the rioters since they were operating on false information fed to them by nefarious people with bad intentions who were willing to let others do their dirty work. She also faults the American education system which, if it had done its job properly, wouldn’t have allowed so much misinformation to infect so many minds, she says.

As to Trump, she argues that he likely didn’t even understand the ramifications of what he was saying, and his efforts to use the presidency as a virtual cash register wound up getting him deeper and deeper into a morass that culminated in the Capitol insurrection, and may have doomed his plans for continuing to profit from his political position or ever staging a comeback. Bottom line, she says, we shouldn’t extend an olive branch to the insurrectionists, but we can still pity them for being so willfully misled into thinking that storming the Capitol was a good idea.