Trump’s Twitter access may have been taken away, but even if the President can’t blast out his defense personally over the Internet, he still has his lackeys, toadies and myrmidons in the right-wing media to do his bidding, and every day that begins with propaganda from the mouths of Fox and Friends. Most recently F&F host Brian Kilmeade lodged a spirited defense of the Dear Leader by calling for unity, and noting that there are still 75 million Americans who support Trump and want to keep him around — yet those sourpuss Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer really want to impeach the President over a little thing like inspiring a violent insurrection at the US Capitol?

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and Jordan Uhl observe that these calls for “unity” from many on the right are of very recent vintage, and do not really reflect the “Stop the steal” rhetoric that was so much more fashionable in their circles up until January 6th. John also points out, after first pettily observing that Kilmeade generously rounds Trump’s 74.2 million votes UP to “75 million,” that commentators like Kilmeade curiously never seem to concern themselves with honoring the voices of Biden’s 81 million voters.

Jordan says he’s struck by all the Republicans warning of civil war if Trump is impeached, which is not so much a call for “unity” as it is a “threat,” while also rejecting Kilmeade’s proposition that Trump shouldn’t be impeached because his voters want him to continue to be a part of the political conversation.

“That should not matter at all,” he says, “and I’d like to think that if the president of my party incited a violent murderous riot at the Capitol, I’d think that he probably should not be in a position of power over everybody in the country.”