When police in Karachi, Pakistan yell out, “Let’s roll!”, they may be speaking literally. That is, if the police in question are part of the city’s new roller blading unit that’s been deployed to curb theft and harassment on the city’s streets. And if that seems a bit silly to you, well, maybe you just need to watch the promotional video of the new roller blading team to see for yourself.

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and Jayar take a gander at the video that has gone viral, and includes scenes of cops racing around, going up and down steps and even one memorable moment when an officer leaps over a stationary motorcycle. Jayar admits that his experience watching countless “fail” videos led him to near-instinctively wait for one of the officers to faceplant badly, and in fact since that failed to happen he solicited the audience for any videos they might have of other roller blading cops eating dirt.

Whether you WANT to see these cops falling all over themselves or not, John raises the perhaps legitimate question of whether it’s a good idea for police on roller blades to be carrying firearms and potentially discharging those weapons while tearing around on wheels. He and Jayar also inquire about what happens when a suspect exits a paved area and begins running away through the woods or on a sandy area.

And finally, even though they had a lot of fun with the story and the visuals, the TYT hosts remind viewers that cops on roller blades are still cops, and that Karachi police have been widely accused of harassment, torture and murder. And a few sets of roller blades isn’t going to change that.