You may recall that this past Friday Cenk encouraged viewers to sign this petition, create videos and use the hashtag #DontKillItBernie on social media, all to make make the case to Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders that he needed to keep fighting and leave an increase in the federal minimum wage in the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill. On Monday Cenk was back at it, renewing the campaign that had already inspired thousands and gotten #DontKillItBernie trending on Twitter.

In the resulting clip from Monday’s show, Cenk argues that most Democrats—including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris—are merely pretending they want to raise the minimum wage and would rather just kill it, which is why Bernie should force them to take a stand by voting yes or no. When they campaigned on raising the minimum wage, were they just lying in order to secure votes and then if elected they planned to quietly abandon that pledge and do the bidding of their corporate donors rather than the voters who put them in office, Cenk asks? That’s what Bernie can help us find out, he says.

“At this very moment we really need [Bernie] to show us that he's willing to fight on behalf of the people,” Cenk says. “He has this position of power—what's the point of achieving that position of power, what's the point of building your political career successfully all these years if you’re not going to actually coming through when you have the ability to do it?”