Apr 22, 2022

During a recent speech given to the Heritage Foundation in Florida, Donald Trump daydreamed about being a wannabe dictator and how he damaged the country’s international reputation by extorting NATO nations for trade funds. He then went on to tout the development of the coronavirus vaccine but had to tread lightly due to his anti-vaxxer voter base.
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The Young Turks: April 22, 2022

A couple of leaked photos acquired by Politico show Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn partying wearing a set of women’s lingerie. Maybe his orgy claims have some merit...
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After the story of the Ukrainian soldiers held up on Snake Island went viral after they told the Russian Moskva warship to go f*** itself, the Ukrainian postal service capitalizes on the opportunity and minted a stamp with the phrase and a painting of the altercation voted on by social media users. Now, the stamps are fetching over $30 per stamp and over $400 per 16-piece set.
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